5 Ways Of Monetizing Your Blog With Advertising

5 Ways Of Monetizing Your Blog With Advertising 2 themidgameSo your blog has been growing steadily over the last few months, you’ve started to post more frequently and consistently, and you feel confident and ready to take your passion to the next level and start monetizing your blog. You’ve probably heard about lots of other people that make money from blogging, but you don’t know where to start.

Monetizing your blog can be overwhelming and confusing at first, but it’s not as difficult as it seems. We’re on a mission to give you the best tips and advice on how to take your blogging to the next level, so you can get on with creating great content.

Common Ways Bloggers Work With Sponsors

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are one of the most common and popular ways that influencers make money from their blogs. Advertisers often search for bloggers in certain niches, such as fashion bloggers, and request a sponsored post on their site.

There are generally two reasons why an advertiser would want to place a sponsored post on your site;

  1. To advertise a product or service to your niche audience
  2. To increase their PageRank and search rankings by buying as many incoming ‘do-follow’ links as possible.

The first type of sponsored post is the one you want, as it is mutually beneficial for both parties. These types of sponsored posts usually provide high-quality, tailor-made content regarding a certain product or service, which is of value and interest to your readers.

This type of sponsored post can be written by the advertiser, or you can choose to write it yourself, to ensure your blogs’ standards and personal tone are maintained.

The second type of sponsored post is less desirable and much more risky for both you and the advertiser. These types of sponsored posts are usually sought after by SEO companies wishing to manipulate PageRank, through publishing a post on your site with a ‘do-follow’ link to their clients’ website. This is against Google’s best practices guidelines regarding paid content, so by hosting a sponsored post with a ‘do-follow’ link, you run the risk of damaging your sites’ search engine rankings and potentially losing your own PageRank. Google takes a very hard line regarding this, so make sure to always agree on ‘no-follow’ links when working with advertisers.

Sponsored Reviews

Product or service reviews are another great way of monetizing your blog. There are two main ways which you can be compensated for writing a review on your site;

  1. Paid review; you will be paid in cash for the review rather than receiving free use of the service/product.
  2. Compensated review; you will be given a complimentary product or free access to a service in return for a review on your site.

Sponsored reviews could consist of a travel blogger reviewing a hotel, backpack or a visit to a theme park, or a fashion blogger testing the latest hair care and beauty products at home. It is up to you and the advertiser to work out the terms of the review when you are negotiating.

The important thing to remember when reviewing a product or service for a sponsor, is to make it very clear before you start, that you will be unbiased and honest in your review. Whether you liked or disliked the product/service, you should always be honest and upfront with your readers.

Guest Posting

5 Ways Of Monetizing Your Blog With Advertising 3 themidgame

Guest posts are a great way of increasing your online visibility and reaching a new audience that might not have otherwise found your content. If your blog becomes popular, you may be asked to write for other, larger publications of a similar or wider niche. Writing a guest post for a larger publication can often be paid, but many bloggers will write for free in exchange for the exposure of being featured on a popular site.

The best way to approach guest posting is with your intuition, deciding what works best for you.

Private Display Advertising

Private display advertising is a simple way of monetizing your blog and it is an excellent alternative to Google AdSense. However, private ad sales are much more difficult to secure.

Private advertising allows you to sell ‘space’ on your site so that sponsors can promote their product/service in front of your niche audience. Unlike other methods of display advertising like Google Adsense, private ad sales allow you to control what content appears on your blog and how much you will receive for the ad placement.

Prices for private display advertising or sponsorship can vary widely and are often negotiated on a monthly or annual basis. One of the most important factors that advertisers consider when it comes to private display advertising is the blogs traffic and niche. Sponsors want to know that they are getting their ad in front of as many people as possible, and that those people will be interested in their product or service.

Getting private advertising or sponsorship requires more pro-activity on the part of the influencer, so it is vital that you have a professional-looking media kit displaying all of your website statistics before you approach advertisers in your niche.

Sponsored Campaigns

Sponsored campaigns are often considered the ‘cream of the crop’ when it comes to paid blogging.

If you are a very influential blogger, advertisers will want to use your online influence to help promote their product/service. A sponsored campaign is usually a longer-term project involving a range of content creation, both on your blog and social media sites.

A sponsored campaign, such as a press trip for a travel blogger or launching a fashion stores’ clothing line for a fashion blogger, involves promoting the product/service before, during and after the campaign.

Sponsored campaigns are a fantastic way of monetizing your blog from your influence and something that many professional bloggers strive for.


5 Ways Of Monetizing Your Blog With Advertising themidgameOne of the best ways of attracting advertisers to your blog is to make your site very accessible and visible in the public sphere. themidgame provides you with a free, simple way to do that. Create your Influencer Profile and connect your website and social media accounts so that potential sponsors can get an overview of your online influence.

As with anything you do, your success will depend on your dedication, passion and hard work but there are many great bloggers out there making a full time living from the above income streams. As long as you focus on building your audience, creating high-quality, interesting content and maintaining an engaged audience, the monetization side of things will come a whole lot easier.

We’ll go into much more detail about each of these methods of monetizing your blog in future posts, but for now we want to hear from you!


Do you have any tips on how you have been monetizing your blog, getting paid for blogging or how you work with advertisers? If so, we’d love to hear your best tips in the comments below. We’ll even feature the best comments in a future blog post, linking back to your site, so you can get even more exposure!




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