Welcome To The Future Of Influencer Marketing

We’re very excited to announce the launch of themidgame, a revolutionary new marketplace to connect influencers with potential sponsors on a global scale.

What is themidgame?

themidgame aims to change the face of advertising by allowing influencers in different niches to become the driving force behind modern advertising.

themidgame is a marketplace where advertisers have access to a large database of influencers in every niche. Bloggers can build a professional-looking profile to showcase their online influence and work with sponsors in a professional and trustworthy manner.

The marketplace allows both influencers and sponsors to contact each other, work together and manage their relationship in an easy and fluid way, making the entire process simpler for everyone involved.

Influencers get paid to advertise to their audience, while sponsors gain visibility to a highly engaged, niche market.

Why should you join themidgame?

There are so many talented bloggers and vloggers out there, producing original and professional content, but they’re not being seen by advertisers, who are eagerly looking to work with these kinds of influential bloggers. We want to help bloggers to get paid for their passion and influence, by putting them in front of the right people.

When you sign up to themidgame, you get a beautiful-looking profile to display your online assets, like your blog and social media accounts. You can also include a short ‘about me’ section, a tag line, cover photo and profile photo to fully round out your profile and give sponsors a sense of who you are and what you do. The Influencer Profile is a great way to showcase the best of your online influence and passion to potential sponsors.

For sponsors, we are making the process a whole lot easier too. The current rendition of influencer marketing requires a lot of manual work, including searching for blogs and bloggers in your desired niche, finding contact details, writing emails and asking for blog and social media stats. This work takes up a lot of your valuable time.

We aim to create the world’s biggest database of influencers on the net. Not only will you have full access to searching for influencers in a range of niche’s, but you will be able to filter your search based on category, location, traffic and social media stats. You’ll also be able to see everything about that influencer in one, easy-to-understand profile, so you can get a sense for whether they would fit with your campaign needs.

How can themidgame help you pursue your passions?

themidgame is for the dreamers, the rebels and the individualists who live by their own rules and follow their passions!

Whether you’re a beginner blogger, or a seasoned pro, we want to help you to take you’re online influence to the next level. We want you to enter ‘the mid game’ of influence, where you can start to make money for your efforts, or multiply your current income.

themidgame will allow you to be discovered by thousands of potential sponsors who might otherwise never find you. themidgame makes it easier for sponsors to find you, contact you and work with you. Before long, you could be earning enough money to quit your day job!

What to expect from themidgame in the future?

themidgame has lots of great features coming soon, including the ability to search for influencers and sponsors based on pre-defined filters, and contact them through the site. Influencers will also be able to manage their relationship with sponsors on themidgame, so they never miss another opportunity to the spam folder again. Payments will also be received and managed through themidgame, to help keep your income organized and safe.

themidgame is a new and exciting marketplace that will to continue to grow and provide great features to both influencers and sponsors. We want to make themidgame the number one place for influences to connect with sponsors, so we always appreciate feedback from both sides.

We’ll leave you with the final word from themidgame Founders, Carlos and Andrés:

“We started working on themidgame at the end of 2012. We believe that influencers are the new media and the marketing industry should value their content much more. We want influencers to be the most important people in the influence marketing equation. We have put all of our passion and time into themidgame and every day we develop a new feature to make the service better. themidgame is the next evolution in digital marketing. It will revolutionize the industry by connecting sponsors and influencers on a personal, yet global scale, completely changing the way marketing reaches niche audiences.”

What do you think of themidgame? Do you have any feedback or suggestions on what you would like to see in future releases? If so, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


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