Sponsorship process

This post is a step by step tutorial on how the sponsorship process works in themidgame.

Step 1. Invitation: The sponsor invites an influencer to a social action.

The sponsor searches for an influencer and invites them to do a social action (Learn more about social actions) through the ‘Sponsor’ button on their profile.

When a sponsor clicks the ‘Sponsor’ button on an influencers’ profile, they will be asked to complete a form, detailing the title and description of the social action, and the rate that they are willing to offer the influencer for completing this social action.

The name of the sponsor must also be disclosed on each form.

Step 2. Negotiation: The influencer and the sponsor negotiate a price. 

Once the sponsors offer has been sent, the influencer will receive a notification of the sponsors’ interest in working with the influencer.

The influencer can review the social action and do any of the following actions from the Social Action page:

  1. Approve the social action and the price

  2. Propose a new price (negotiate) for the social action

  3. Reject the social action.


If the influencer sets a new price for the social action, the three actions now fall with the sponsor. They sponsor can:

  1. Approve the new price

  2. Propose a new price (continue negotiations)

  3. Reject the new price


Step 3. Funding: The sponsor funds the social action

Once the social action has been approved, the sponsor must fund the brief.

The brief is funded through our secure payment system.

Once the brief is funded, themidgame will hold the funds for the influencer until the social action is completed and the sponsor agrees to release the funds.


Step 4. Completed: The influencer completes the social action.

Once an influencer is invited to a social action, they can communicate with the sponsor through the message center.

This allows the influencer to keep the sponsor up to date on the status of the social action.

When the influencer has complete the social action, they can notify the sponsor through the message center.


Step 5. Release: The sponsor releases the funds to the influencer.

Once the sponsor is satisfied with the task that the influencer has completed, they can release the funds.

Once the funds are released, themidgame will transfer the money to the influencer.


To learn more about this process, visit our F.A.Q. page, for influencers and for sponsors

If you have any questions regarding this process email us at support@themidgame.com

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