Exciting Update: themidgame launches sponsorship feature!

Great news! Today, the midgame launched its sponsorship feature, meaning that influencers can start getting paid by sponsors!

And guess what? No more worrying about whether a sponsor is going to pay you or not. With our new payment feature, we have implemented an escrow model, that guarantees influencers get paid for completed work!


How does the Sponsorship Process work?

When you accept a Social Action, the sponsor will be asked to fund it. This allows the influencer to start working with the confidence that his/her funds are being kept safe for when the task is completed.

Once the influencer completes the Social Action, they can notify the sponsor. If the sponsor is satisfied with their work and feels that the influencer has delivered on all of the terms agreed upon, they will release the funds.

When the funds have been released by the sponsor, themidgame will transfer them to the influencer’s Paypal account within 15 days.

The escrow helps to regulate the payment processing for all influencers and sponsors, and allows both the influencer and sponsor to concentrate on the task at hand, while we take care of the payment processing.

Learn the details of our sponsorship process 

How does themidgame accept payments?

Payments through themidgame are safe, secure and reliable.

We use Stripe as our payment gateway. Stripe is a US company that provides a way to accept payments over the internet. As stated on their website, “Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available.”


How does an influencer get hired by a sponsor?

With the Influencer Profile allowing you to show your monthly reach in a beautiful, simplistic way, it will be easier than ever to get sponsored.

Each Influencer Profile has been updated with a new ‘Sponsor’ button, which will allow influencers to receive paid work directly through their profile.

The sponsor simply fills in the details of the campaign, and the influencer will receive a notification that they have been offered sponsorship.

The influencer can then accept or decline the offer, or they can negotiate the price with the sponsor, communicating through our new messaging system.

We’re so excited to launch this next phase of themidgame and we hope it will help many influencers out there to continue doing what they love, and getting paid for it!


How do sponsors benefit from using themidgame?

Sponsors, we know you spend a lot of time searching for influential bloggers, contacting them through email and going back and forth in the negotiation process.

But what if you could streamline that process?

What if you could have access to a huge database of influencers, whom you could directly contact at the click of a button? What if you could view the verified metrics and social media reach of those influencers, all in one easy-to-understand page?

With themidgame, it’s easy.

We know that sponsors are aware of the power of influence marketing; hundreds of campaigns have been successfully implemented online already. We want to help streamline that process and make it easier for both sponsors and influencers to work together.

So sign up now, send us an email, and we can help you implement your first marketing campaign with themidgame.

We hope that you will find it beneficial and helpful to use our system, and as always, if you have any feedback about how our system can be improved, simply email us at support@themidgame.com or leave a comment below.


  1. says

    This is excellent, excellent news :) Love your service! Makes it so transparent for our sponsors to see a portion of our overall influence…another useful tool. Really helps when we can show sponsors that we have 300-400k a month Facebook posts when working with social media campaigns, rather than just telling them :)

    Of course that’s just one social media network out of our overall profile ; )

    Can’t wait to work with some new sponsors through your program!

    Great work so far guys! Keep it up!

    • blogtmg says

      Hi Tim,

      Thanks so much for the great feedback and support. We really appreciate our users like you, who motivate us to keep improving our platform and working on new features. We’re really excited about the sponsorship feature too, and hope we can genuinely help more bloggers make money from what they love doing, with the help of our site.

      You have really impressive stats, and your profile looks great, so I’m sure you’ll have no problem attracting sponsors! Keep up the great work and thanks again for voicing your feedback!

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