How To Attract Sponsors To Your Blog

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There comes a point in a lot of bloggers’ lives when they realise they have gone from a hobby blogger to a professional blogger. Their blog has grown far bigger than they ever expected, their audience continues to engage with their content, and sponsors are starting to take notice.

If you’re at this stage in your blogs life, congratulations, you have entered what we like to call ‘the mid game’! It’s at this stage when bloggers start to become more serious about their blogging, approaching it like a business and dedicating more time to improving content, social media engagement, website traffic, their blogs design and more.

It’s also at this stage that bloggers start to think about different ways of monetizing, and it’s the perfect time to do so. One great way to monetize a blog is by working with brands and sponsors that share your blogs core values, interests and passions.

Are you wondering how to attract sponsors to your blog?

Here our our top tips for attracting sponsors to your blog, so you can take your blogging to the next level.

Engage With Your Audience

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Influencers consistently engage with their audience, aware of the power of communication and information. By positioning yourself as a trusted source of knowledge on a particular subject, and coming across as someone who is approachable and credible, your audience will continue to return to your website and social media channels when they need information or advice. This powerful position is invaluable for sponsors, as they want to work with someone who already has access to a loyal, engaged audience within their target audience.


Always Act Professional

One of the most important things to ensure sponsorship is to always act professional, whether you’re chatting online to fellow bloggers, at a blogging conference or, even emailing a spammer. Rude, arrogant, lazy or unacceptable behavior travels fast around the blogosphere and sponsors simply don’t want to work with someone who is not going to approach their work as professional as they are. Just because you’re a blogger who doesn’t work in an office or in a suit, does not give you permission to act irresponsibly or carelessly. A professional blogger will be recommended to other sponsors, receive consistent opportunities and maintain a great online reputation.


Bring Something Different To The Blogosphere

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There are thousands, if not millions, of blogs out there and the competition to attract sponsorship is fierce. You need to stand out from the crowd in order to win the attention of the right people, so focus on something that makes your blog unique and attractive. If your audience is engaged with your unique content, sponsors will quickly take notice. However, if your content is just like everyone else’s, with little originality, personality or passion, you’ll end up just like a lot of other bloggers; without sponsorship. No matter how much traffic or followers on social media you have, boring and unoriginal content will make it easy for a sponsor to choose someone else over you, even if their reach is lower.


Be Active and Visible

Sponsors are also looking for someone with a large reach within their target audiences’ niche. By being active on a range of social media channels, your blogs name has greater reach and familiarity, and in turn may be perceived as a more trusted source of information. When a sponsor comes to you to promote their message, they will want to see their message featured across several platforms. By being active and visible on a range of these social media sites, you will have a larger, more engaged audience to influence when you need to.


Influence marketing is growing at exponential rates as sponsors realize the power of working with influential bloggers who have direct access to a loyal, engaged audience in their target audiences’ industry. To maximize your opportunities for sponsorship, bear in mind the above recommendations and you’ll be soon on your way to becoming a successful influencer with sponsors lining up to work with you.

As always, we would love to hear your tips for attracting sponsors to your blog. What are some key tactics or behaviors you would recommend to attract the right sponsor to your blog?



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    Some very helpful advice! I’ve been working at my new travel blog for just over 2 years now, the first was a learning experience. I realize now how important it is to have a quality site with well written articles that viewers can gain something from. Thanks for the tips!

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