Influencers can now connect their Google Plus account to their Influencer Profile

After over 24 hours of marathon programming, we are delighted to announce that users can now connect their Google+ personal account to their Influencer Profile in themidgame.

We’ve kept you all waiting long enough for this feature and thanks to a few gentle nudges from some of our great users, we decided to dedicate some extra time to implementing the Google Plus API into the Influencer Profiles.

As usual, we will continue to improve the Influencer Profile, adding more social media account like Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. We are also aware that the function for connecting a Google Plus Page is not yet available, but we are currently applying to Google to be granted permission to implement this feature, as is required.

We also hope to allow users to connect more than one Google Plus account, so multi-author sites can benefit from their combined reach on the platform.

In addition to this great news for influencers, we also wanted to announce some exciting news for sponsors.

themidgame has lowered its commission fees to just 7% for sponsors, and completely abolished our flat rate fees!!

It’s now cheaper than ever to work with sponsors, so this is a great opportunity to bring any current sponsors that you work with on board and take advantage of our secure escrow payment system with guaranteed payment.

So, what are you waiting for?

As usual, if you would like to give us any feedback on our new features, or if you would like to ask us a question, please feel free to contact us at


themidgame team

PS: Happy Birthday to our Co-Founder, Andrés, who spent the eve of his birthday programming our new G+ feature! Today, we’re celebrating both events with lots of cake! :)

themidgame team coding the Google+ integration for the Influencer Profile…with cake!.jpg

Happy Birthday Andrés!


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