How To Find The Right Travel Bloggers To Promote Your Business

Photo by Alex Indigo

Photo by Alex Indigo

Finding great travel blogs that align with your brands principles is really difficult. Despite how technology has made our lives easier, there are some things that seem to have become more difficult and time-consuming as markets have grown, such as in professional travel blogging.

If you’re a travel sponsor looking to partner with an influential travel blogger to help promote your product or service, it’s important that you find the right blogger to fit your business’ core values and company culture.

Forget website traffic, RSS/email subscribers, and social media following until you have narrowed your search down to a list of suitable candidates who fit neatly with your brand’s values and whose target audience is the same.

The Difficulties Of Finding The Right Travel Blogs

Doing a search on Google for ‘the best travel blogs’ is not going to help you find a travel brand that will fit with your company’s target audience. In fact, most Google searches along these lines reveal questionable lists like ‘top 10’, ‘top 50’ or ‘top 100’ travel blogs. If you’re hoping to initiate an influence marketing campaign or find a brand ambassador, then these lists are pretty irrelevant as they are most often based on factors such as Google Page Rank, Domain Authority and Page Authority. These things don’t tell you anything about the travel bloggers’ voice, their blogs philosophy or the message they are communicating to their audience.

However, while these measures do have their uses (such as with SEO, search engine ranking and for getting a sense of a websites ‘weight’), they don’t help you find someone who you’d happily choose to represent or promote your travel brand.

The Changing Face of Travel Blogging

Most travel bloggers nowadays are extremely professional and are paving the way in their industry for generations of new travel bloggers. They are also very well informed on everything from SEO, social media marketing, advertising, content promotion and, or course content creation, and they know how risky it is for them to engage in dodgy SEO techniques with search engine marketers.

With Google continually cracking down on outdated and detrimental practices such as ‘link selling’, it’s become more important than ever to discover and explore new ways of working with travel bloggers to produce more effective and useful results. Sponsors are searching for ways to harness the powerful influence of bloggers in the travel industry to reach niche audiences and potential customers. With this, influence marketing has become more and more common, with influential travel bloggers working alongside suitable brands to produce organic ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing about products and services in the travel industry. The results of influence marketing have been very promising and every day new campaigns are popping up, meaning more access to potential customers for sponsors and more ways for bloggers to monetize their influence online.

Things You Should Look For When Searching For Travel Bloggers

We strongly encourage advertisers, marketers, sponsors and business owners to look past the numbers, such as website traffic and social media followers, and instead analyze the travel bloggers voice, message and philosophy.

Ask yourself these questions when searching for the right travel influencer for your brand:

  1. Do this travel blogger have access to my business’s target audience and demographic? What is their niche?

  1. How engaged is this travel bloggers audience? What have been the most popular posts/updates that they have shared on social media or on their blog?

  1. Does this travel bloggers’ values align with my business? For example, do they promote eco-friendly travel? Do they help their audience find ways to save money on flights and hotels? Do they encourage readers to ‘get out there’ and ‘explore the world’?

How To Find The Right Travel Influencer For Your Business?

At themidgame we make it easy to find the right people to represent or promote your business. With a large and growing community of influential travel bloggers, we can help you create tailor-made influence marketing campaigns to get your business in front of your target audience and demographics.

If you’d like us to help you find the right travel influencers for your business, just get in touch and we will provide you with a list of suitable travel bloggers free of charge. Simply email

Feature Photo by Alex Indigo


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