themidgame Momentos: April

Welcome to the first edition of themidgame Momentos! Here we would like to keep our users and supporters updated on news about themidgame, as well as giving a little insight into the excitement and challenges of building a technology startup.

This month saw some really exciting updates for themidgame, as well as some frustrating issues:

StartUp Chile Update

Our office in StartUp Chile where we're working daily on themidgame

Our office in StartUp Chile where we’re working daily on themidgame

April has been our second full month taking part in StartUp Chile and living in the beautiful city of Santiago. We’re really relishing in the experience and privilege of being here among so many other inspiring companies and entrepreneurs.

StartUp Chile is an accelerator program supported by the Chilean Government to attract world-class startups from around the world with a potential for rapid-growth. StartUp Chile provides the startups with everything they need to get their business off the ground, including funding, a place to work, a large community of entrepreneurs and mentors and an impressive startup ecosystem to inspire and dream with. We were extremely happy to have been one of the 100 chosen startups from over 1900 applicants to represent Generation 9.2 in StartUp Chile.

As part of StartUp Chile, we recently had to pitch themidgame in front of all of our fellow participants, and some expert judges. The pitch was for the opportunity to get into StartUp Chile’s Highway Program, which provides extra mentoring, advice and help to the startups who qualify.

Carlos pitching themidgame in StartUp Chile

Carlos pitching themidgame in StartUp Chile

We’re delighted to announce that we were one of the chosen 16 startups, out of 85 participants, to have been selected for the Highway Program. This means that we will have even more help from StartUp Chile and can put that extra mentorship and advice towards making themidgame a better place for influencers and sponsors to do business.

Successes and Failures

We also launched our Google+ integration early this month thanks to some friendly encouragement from our users. So if you have not yet added your Google+ Profile to your Influencer Profile, sign in now to connect it and watch your reach grow!

Of course, we also saw some frustrations in April. We applied to a fund by iNNPulsa, a branch of the Colombian Government, for $150,000 USD which helps Colombian companies grow and expand their businesses’ internationally. This would have been an amazing opportunity for us to grow themidgame faster, however we did not receive the funding. Successes and failures come and go and we always take the good with the bad, so we are now more motivated than ever to continue looking for great opportunities and bootstrapping our startup.

This month, we were also confronted with a bug in our code which persisted for several weeks, meaning that our users’ metrics were not automatically updated. We realize that we should have made fixing this bug a priority but we didn’t, so we want to take this opportunity to apologize to our users, as we know that for the majority of April, the statistics on your Influencer Profiles were not accurate.

User Feedback and Upcoming Features

After conducting a survey with a select number of our users, we realized how important it is to you all to have an accurate representation of your metrics, and how much this impacts your potential business collaborations. Sometimes you just need your users to tell you what they want…and that’s what we’re going to do with the results of this survey.

In fact, the exciting news is that we will now prioritize the rest of our upcoming features for the next three months based on the feedback of the users who responded to our survey.

What kind of features does that include? An ‘Opportunities’ page to search and apply for sponsorship opportunities on a daily basis, continually improving the Influencer Profile by adding new social network integrations such as Instagram, and improving our communication with our users through mediums such as this monthly blog update, our newsletter and our social media channels. So make sure to follow us there if you would like to stay informed on our upcoming features and news.

Again, thank you for taking the time to respond to our survey, for giving us feedback via email and for generally being the most supportive and amazing users ever! We couldn’t do this without the help of you all. To show our gratitude, we’re promising to create the best possible service to help influencers get sponsored for their passions!

Until next time!

themidgame Team


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