themidgame Momentos: May

themidgame momentos - mayWinter began to make itself known in Santiago de Chile during May, so we had even more motivation to keep our heads down and work hard. It’s hard to believe we’re half way through our participation in StartUp Chile.

Of course, May was another exciting month at themidgame with lots of ups and downs, as can be expected while creating any startup:

StartUp Chile Update

As mentioned in our previous ‘Momentos’ update for April, we were accepted into Startup Chile’s Highway Program. It has been really helpful listening to the other teams talk about their successes, failures and struggles as we all thread the same path of entrepreneurship, trying our best to build successful global companies.

Demo day is fast approaching, so we’re trying to get some key features launched and some important milestones achieved before we present in late June. We’ll let you know how it went in our next Momento after the big Demo Day!

Carlos Saavedra - themidgame presentation

Carlos giving a presentation on influencer marketing at StartUp Chile

Recently, Carlos gave a talk on Influencer Marketing to the StartUp Chile community. The room was packed with a huge turnout, the presentation was very helpful for people who wanted to learn more about influencer marketing, the feedback was great, and Carlos did an amazing job presenting, as always. You can view the slides from his presentation here on Slidebean, a fellow Startup Chile accelerated company.

Meanwhile, Andres also gave a talk to the members of StartUp Chile’s Hackers Tribe on software development methods, focusing on DevOps. Andres has become somewhat of an expert on the subject after implementing the method for themidgame recently. It’s safe to say he was in his element talking about it to fellow StartUp Chile geeks!

Successes and Failures

We spent the last few weeks focused on launching our new opportunities page. It’s one of the features we’re most excited to announce, since it really empowers our users; something we strongly believe in doing. The opportunities page will feature a range of Social Actions from different brands, allowing influencers to pick and choose which campaigns they would like to apply for, how much they would like to get paid and more.

We’re really excited to see where this goes, and we’ll be especially happy to see our users get sponsored for their passions on our opportunities page!

Of course, it hasn’t been easy. We’ve struggled a lot to get sponsors on board, without having a product to show them at the time. It was difficult to get companies to agree to post great opportunities for our influential bloggers when they didn’t properly understand the concept. Nevertheless, we persisted and we will continue to try get a continuous stream of sponsorship opportunities for our influencers.

Upcoming Features


What do you do when you launch a new feature in a startup? You celebrate and quickly move on to the next feature. So what is the next big feature launch going to be at themidgame?

We’re deciding between a few features at the minute.We need to create a search feature so sponsors can look for influencers and invite them to campaigns individually. We also need to update the Opportunities page to include ‘perks‘. We want to improve the Influencer Profile and add more social media assets for influencers.

What would your preference be as a user of themidgame? What feature would you like to see us concentrate on next? We would love to hear your opinions in the comments below!

Saludos desde Chile,

themidgame team



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