Sponsors Can Now Offer Perks To Influencers

Great news! We have updated our Opportunities page, adding the option for perks! Sponsors can now offer influencers compensation in the form of cash, perks or both.

This new feature is an update to our Opportunities page, where influencers can apply for sponsorship opportunities posted by sponsors. The perk update will now allow influencers to receive different types of compensation from sponsors, not just monetary.

From cash to perks, such as free accommodation in a top hotel, the options for both sponsors and influencers are now more broad, and designed to suit the variety of scenarios that exist in the world of influencer marketing.

Current PERK opportunity on themidgame

Current Perk Opportunity on themidgame

Sponsors can choose to compensate influencers with cash, perks, or both.

To offer a perk in a social action, simply fill in the form on the ‘Create A Social Action‘ page. At the bottom of the form, you have an option to offer a monetary compensation or a perk. You can also offer both.


Create A Social Action

The form for creating a Social Action

If you have any question about our new perk feature, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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