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Andres, Steph and Carlos – themidgame team!

June was definitely dominated by the World Cup and here in Santiago, the city was in full-blown celebration mode as the National Chilean Team advanced to the top 16. Unfortunately their winning streak was ended by Brazil and the country went into silence. The Colombian team however, went on to represent their country in the top 8; a historic moment and one that Carlos and Andres, Colombian co-founders of themidgame, certainly cherished!

Of course, apart from the World Cup, there’s been plenty more going on with themidgame in June. Check out some of our updates below:

StartUp Chile Update

Andres pitching themidgame at StartUp Chile Demo Day

Andres pitching themidgame at StartUp Chile Demo Day

In our previous Momentos update, we mentioned that Demo Day was coming up. Well the big D-Day arrived and this time Andres pitched themidgame in front of the judges. He did amazingly and as a result, we’re very happy to announce that we were chosen as one of the top 30 teams to advance to the StartUp Chile Demo Day semi-finals, which are happening over the next two days!

Carlos recognition

Carlos’ Recognition Award

Meanwhile, Carlos was recognised with a certificate from StartUp Chile, for his role in organising an awesome and fun auction ahead of the World Cup. The auction provided the community with a chance to take a break from work for a bit and enjoy the excitement of the approaching World Cup, and of course to bid on our native, or not so native countries!



Successes and Struggles

As mentioned in the above section, one of our major successes in June included getting through to the semi-finals of StartUp Chile’s Demo Day.

We also launched a cool update to the Opportunities system, which was launched last month. The update now allows sponsors to compensate influencers with perks, such as free accommodation in a hotel in exchange for a review of the property. The perks system can be combined with a monetary compensation, or a sponsor can choose to do just one of the two types of compensation.

Current PERK opportunity on themidgame

Current Perk Opportunity on themidgame

We hope this update will help to increase the amount of sponsorships featured on our Opportunities page, and the variety of Social Actions available to influencers.

One difficult aspect of being part of StartUp Chile is that there are a lot of administrative tasks to be completed as part of the program. We are very grateful to be part of this amazing opportunity that is StartUp Chile, but with a team of just three people, progress can sometimes feels very slow, especially when you have to use a lot of your time preparing financial reports or taking part in the mandatory social events as part of the program. Just another aspect of startup life!

Upcoming Features

We’re very excited about this one! So what’s our next big feature launch going to be?

Andres is working on a search feature already, which is going to be hugely important for the site. The search feature will allow sponsors to search for and filter influencers based on different criteria, meaning they can find and work with different influencers more easily.

We hope that this search improves the way sponsors use our site, allowing them to do independent searches and campaigns, without needing as much input from us.


Do you have any feedback on what you would like to see in the upcoming search feature? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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