themidgame Momentos: July

July was an intense yet satisfying month for themidgame as we approached the StartUp Chile Demo Day Finals, secured some exciting deals for our influencers and saw lots of more great opportunities come our way.

So let’s jump straight into it:

StartUp Chile Update

After making it through to the finals of Demo Day, we felt very proud of our accomplishments thus far. From over 2,000 startups all over the world who applied to be part of StartUp Chile, we were chosen as one of 100 companies to take part in the famous accelerator program. From those 100 startups, we were also chosen as one of the top 18 startups to make it to the finals of Demo Day.

There could only be one winner and we’re delighted to congratulate the fantastic Nikita Obidin from Think Lattice on wowing the judges and taking the first prize. Make sure you check out his company Think Lattice here when you get a chance.

So what’s next in StartUp Chile now that Demo Day is over? Well, we can get back to being focused 100% on themidgame, which we’re very happy about. Expect lots of exciting developments and updates as we enter the final two months of StartUp Chile. We’re going to make the most of the small amount of time we have left here in this wonderful entrepreneurial community so let’s see where it takes us!

Successes and Struggles

One of the most exciting successes for us in July, apart from making the finals of StartUp Chile’s Demo Day, was reaching 1,000 influencers on our platform. Since starting themidgame, we’ve seen a steady trickle of influencers sign up everyday. However, since we initiated an awesome influencer marketing campaign to promote our own platform, the results have been amazing and we’re excited to publish them in this case study on the blog. Our rate of growth has increased significantly since joining StartUp Chile and since focusing our efforts on growing our user base through influencer marketing. What better way to prove how effective influencer marketing is than by doing it ourselves and showing you the results.


themidgame growth

Another amazing success this month was securing an awesome deal for our influencers with the Brazilian beauty company oBoticario. The campaign saw oBoticario work with 25 of our influential Colombian beauty bloggers to help promote the company’s products in Colombia ahead of their national launch in the country. All 25 beauty bloggers received a gift basket full of amazing products, as well as a monetary compensation for their work in reviewing the products. Of the 25 beauty bloggers, 10 were then chosen to become official ambassadors for the brand, receiving amazing opportunities to travel to Brazil, attend cocktail events in Colombia with the brand, and more VIP treatment from oBoticario!


In other not so good news…

However, one thing we didn’t see coming this month was Andres breaking his foot during a game of football. The small fracture has left him immobile for a while but hasn’t stopped him working on themidgame, albeit with a lot of ice on his foot! Fortunately he is healing quickly, so he should be back to himself within another few weeks!

Upcoming Features and Campaigns

In August we’ll be focused on getting as many sales as possible, so that we can grow the themidgame and allow influencers to receive lots of of great sponsorship opportunities. We hope to close more exciting deals with large companies and expand our presence in different areas such as fashion and beauty.

With the oBoticario campaign over, and an exciting campaign with LAN just launched, we’re in a very exciting stage of growth at themidgame. You can also expect to see lots of interesting case studies and reports featured on our blog in the next few weeks, detailing our most recent influencer marketing campaigns.

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Until next time,
Carlos, Andres and Steph.
themidgame team


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