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themidgame team in March, after arriving to Santiago, Chile.

After six months of a lot of hard work, amazing memories and incredible business progress, we’re sad to see our time in StartUp Chile come to an end. However, we’re confident that the next six months will be even more exciting, successful and enjoyable, and we’re enthusiastic about the next steps for themidgame, including all of the inevitable ups and downs that are part of building a global online business.

 The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. ~ Vidal Sassoon


StartUp Chile Update

carlos and andres - themidgame

After six (too short) months participating in the amazing StartUp Chile program, it is finally at an end. As we enter October, we can look back with great fondness at our time here in Santiago, Chile, taking part in one of the most prestigious and well-respected accelerator programs in the world.

Arriving here in March of 2014, with just over 400 influencers registered in themidgame, we had our ‘MVP’ (minimal viable product) and we were ready to put in a lot of hard work to grow the platform during our participation in the program. Today, six months later, and with a tremendous amount of help from StartUp Chile and its amazing community of entrepreneurs, we have more than tripled our user-base to over 1,400 influencers. We also started to make our first sales during our time in Chile, and our revenue has continued to grow month-by-month.

We pitched and re-pitched, programmed and developed, brainstormed and executed, planned and pivoted. We celebrated the ‘ups’, and gave strength to each other during the ‘downs’.

From developing and integrating new features, searching relentlessly for clients, marketing our product to both influencers and sponsors, launching local and international influencer marketing campaigns, getting our first 1,000 users, and juggling all that with lots of business admin, we’re very proud with how far we’ve come. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg for our vision with themidgame.

We want themidgame to be a successful global company, that matches the world’s best influencers with the perfect brand for their niche. Influencers are revolutionizing media consumption, and we want to help amplify their voices. 

We’ve revelled in meeting so many amazing entrepreneurs from all over the world, who gave us their time and advice, and most gratefully, gifted us with their friendship.

We would like to thank Startup Chile and the amazing staff who have always encouraged and supported us from the start of the program. This program is an invaluable resource for any early-stage startup looking to get their first funding and take their company to the next level. If you have an idea for a business, consider applying to Startup Chile and living in the beautiful city of Santiago de Chile for six months. We couldn’t recommend it enough! :)

Photo by @startupchile on Twitter.

Photo by @startupchile on Twitter

Special thanks to Sebastian Vidal, Director of Startup Chile, and Luke Ball, for all the amazing help over the last six months.

To all our fellow entrepreneurs and friends, each on your own personal journey, stay hungry, stay foolish, and definitely stay in touch! :) 

Successes and Milestones

Carlos giving talk on Influencer Marketing

Carlos giving talk on Influencer Marketing at Duoc UC

The last two months have definitely been crazy busy, in a great way. We worked on several large influencer marketing campaigns simultaneously, seeing our market expand rapidly into Latin America.

Working with over 100 influencers, we executed campaigns for clients in the USA, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Panama and Venezuela. Of course, this was challenging for our small team, so we hired some amazing interns around Latin America to help us execute these campaigns successfully (and help us with Portuguese translations). They did an amazing job and each campaign was a huge success.

We started themidgame focused on the travel industry and have since expanded our focus into beauty, entertainment, fitness and business, securing paid sponsorship for hundreds of our users already. From closing deals with large international clients, to helping local startups find the right influencers to promote their business, it’s been an exciting journey watching the growth and success of influencer marketing around the world.


What’s Next?

The good news (for us at least), is that we’re going to stay in Chile for a little while longer, despite the end of StartUp Chile. We can continue to work on themidgame from anywhere, so we plan to stay in Chile enjoying the onset of Spring for another few weeks.

Meanwhile, we will be working to fulfil current campaigns, find new clients and continue bringing great opportunities for sponsorship to our influencers.

Development will focus on campaign reports, which will improve the post-campaign experience for all of our users. Automatically generated reports, tracking posts by influencers across their social networks and blogs will help sponsors keep track of campaign metrics, engagement and performance.

These new features will allow sponsors to do large-scale influencer marketing campaigns, managed completely through our software, allowing for increased scalability and flexibility.


If you’re interested in doing influencer marketing for your business, get in touch today!


Until next time, 

themidgame team

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