Exciting Update: themidgame launches sponsorship feature!

Great news! Today, the midgame launched its sponsorship feature, meaning that influencers can start getting paid by sponsors! And guess what? No more worrying about whether a sponsor is going to pay you or not. With our new payment feature, we have implemented an escrow model, that guarantees influencers get paid for completed work! How […]

Sponsorship process


This post is a step by step tutorial on how the sponsorship process works in themidgame. Step 1. Invitation: The sponsor invites an influencer to a social action. The sponsor searches for an influencer and invites them to do a social action (Learn more about social actions) through the ‘Sponsor’ button on their profile. When […]

themidgame goes through in first round of MassChallenge competition

themidgame qualifies for first round in MassChallenge

We’re really excited to announce that themidgame has been chosen as one of ten startups in the national selection from iNNpulsa Colombia, to participate in a pitch competition and startup boot camp in Boston, MA, next week. Successful pitches will be entered into the next round of judging, for a chance to participate in the […]

Welcome To The Future Of Influencer Marketing

We’re very excited to announce the launch of themidgame, a revolutionary new marketplace to connect influencers with potential sponsors on a global scale. What is themidgame? themidgame aims to change the face of advertising by allowing influencers in different niches to become the driving force behind modern advertising. themidgame is a marketplace where advertisers have […]