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 About themidgame

About the Influencer Profile

Connecting with Sponsors

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About themidgame

What is themidgame?

Today, influence marketing is in its early stages. Influencers who create professional content, and are being contacted by sponsors, have few mechanisms to showcase their influence and reach in a professional way. With themidgame, influencers can build a professional looking profile by connecting their social media and website accounts. themidgame gathers metrics and creates a trustworthy and beautiful-looking public profile that influencers can share with potential sponsors. To read more about themidgame visit the About page.

How does themidgame work?

themidgame connects sponsors to influencers, providing them with platform where they can work together to create tailor-made sponsored content. themidgame makes it easier than ever to find influencers in a range of niches, who are open to working with brands.

Who should use themidgame?

themidgame is for influencers who want to get paid for their passions, and sponsors who want to find creative, influential people to help promote their business.

What is an influencer?

Influencers are people who are passionate about their niche, and who have an above-average impact and authority in that field. Whether it’s through blogging, vlogging, or purely social media, influencers are the new ‘thought-leaders’ on a range of topics from travel to fashion, technology to education, and finance to business.

Influencers are at the forefront of influence marketing, and brands want to leverage this power to help connect engaged, loyal audiences with their business.

What is a sponsor?

A sponsor can be an individual or a company, that is looking to implement a influence marketing campaign with one or more influencers. Sponsors work in marketing, so they know the power of influence and authority when it comes to selling. Sponsors are willing to pay influencers for access to their engaged, niche audiences.

About the Influencer Profile

What is the Influencer Profile?

The Influencer Profile is a unique public profile that allows influencers in every niche to gather and showcase their cumulative online reach. By connecting your Google Analytics account, your Facebook page, your Twitter account and your Youtube account, you can showcase your monthly reach to potential sponsors.

Is my Influencer Profile public?

Yes, all Influencer Profiles are public and searchable via major search engines. Anyone who searches for your profile will be able to view the social assets you have connected on your profile.

Can I hide the information on my Influencer Profile?

If you do not wish to make this information public, you can disconnect your website or social media accounts from your profile by clicking on the settings icon on the top right-hand corner of each social asset. Please note that by disconnecting your social assets, your monthly reach will decrease and you may not receive any sponsorship offers from sponsors.

Will there be more ‘social assets’ added to the Influencer Profile in the future?

Yes! We’re very excited to continue developing and expanding the Influencer Profile. With the help of feedback from influencers like you, we have decided that we will be adding Google+, Instagram and other social networks to the Influencer Profile in the near future.

Since we use third-party API’s to connect these social assets to your Influencer Profile, we cannot connect a social media network unless it provides a public API. Pinterest does not yet have this feature, so we are waiting for this feature to be announced before we can add it to the Influencer Profile.

Does themidgame have access to my Google Analytics account or my social media accounts?

No. We do not have access to any of your private information or accounts. We use third-party API’s to gather the data from your Google Analytics and social media accounts, which you authorize us to do when you connect your accounts. This means that we can see the information on your profile, but we will never have personal access to your accounts.

Connecting with Sponsors

How does a sponsor find me on themidgame?

Very soon on themidgame, we will be rolling out our search feature, so sponsors will be able to find your profile by doing a simple search. Sponsors will be able to search for influencers based on a range of different criteria, such as monthly reach and audience demographics.

While we continue to develop this feature, feel free to send your Influencer Profile URL to sponsors, so you can continue to get sponsored for your passion.

How does a sponsor contact me on themidgame?

Each Influencer Profile has a ‘Sponsor’ button, which can be used to propose a social action to the influencer. Each time a sponsor clicks on the ‘Sponsor’ button, you can then communicate with that sponsor through our messaging system.

Getting Sponsored

What does sponsor mean?

Sponsoring an influencer means that they are paid to complete one or more social actions for a sponsor. Both the influencer and the sponsor work together to create professional, tailor-made content for an influence marketing campaign or brand collaboration.

What is a Social Action?

A social action refers to the task that an influencer must complete in order to get paid by the sponsor. In reality, a social action can be a range of different tasks, such as blogging about a new product, promoting a company on social media or doing a product review.

How do I accept an offer for a social action on themidgame?

When you get invited to a social action, you will be notified via email. After you visit themidgame, you can review the social action and click ‘Accept’ if you agree to the terms and the price.

Can I propose a new price for the social action if I don’t agree on the one suggested by the sponsor?

If you are happy to complete the social action for the sponsor, but you feel that the price is not reflective of the work involved, you can propose a new price. Once you propose a new price, the sponsor will be notified and they must accept your new offer before you should proceed with the social action.

Once the social action is approved, you can start working on it.

However, if the sponsor resets a new price (re-negotiates), you must then accept the price before continuing with the social action.

The negotiation process can be communicated through our messaging system. The social action is not accepted by either the influencer or the sponsor until a price is agreed upon.

How do I decline an offer for a social action on themidgame?

When you get invited to a social action, you will be notified via email. After you visit themidgame, you can review the social action. If you decide that you would not like to do the social action, you can simply click ‘Reject’ and the sponsor will be notified that you rejected their request. You can also decline the offer at any time during the negotiation process.

What happens after I accept a social action on themidgame?

After a social action in accepted (the price is agreed upon), you can begin working on it. Once you complete the tasks, you can let the sponsor know through the message center.

What is the Social Action Disclosure?

The Social Action Disclosure allows influencers to abide by the FTC regulations in the United States. These regulations state that all paid or advertorial content on a blog or vlog must be disclosed to the audience. The Social Action Disclosure allows the influencer to know the name of the sponsor, so that they can disclose the paid content on their blog.

Getting Paid

How do I receive money after I have completed my social action?

Once you have completed the social action and communicated with the sponsor, they will review your work. When the sponsor is satisfied with the work provided, they will release the funds.

To receive the funds, all influencers must have a Paypal account.

Payments to influencers will be made within 15 working days after the sponsor releases the funds.

How much money can I earn as an influencer?

The amount of money you can earn as an influencer is up to you. We recommend that you set your rates based on a number of different factors, including monthly reach, unique monthly visitors, social media following and subscribers. Check out this post on our blog for a guideline of what influencers can charge for a sponsored post.